Datamars launches two new ‘In Motion” UHF reading systems

On its 30th anniversary Datamars releases two reading systems which will change the way UHF technology is used to track textiles.

The new UHF open tunnel is a plug and play system that is compatible with almost any conveyor belt. The tunnel reads stacks of folded textiles with unprecedented accuracy and is completely transparent to laundry operations. The new UHF portal plus represents a new approach to read trolleys ‘on the fly’ with no effect on reading accuracy or stray reads.

Although UHF technology allows to read 100s of tag per second and can deal with reading distances up to 8m, the technology is subject to signal reflection. This reflection may lead to unwanted tag reading (aka stray reads) which could result in incorrect billing, inventory or delivery. Usually the solution to the stray read problem is to use metal-shielding in order to confine the UHF field inside the reading system (e.g. UHF cabin or UHF closed tunnel). Such systems are highly accurate, but tend to slow down the laundry flow, since they add an extra step in the process. The two new UHF systems overcome these problems by allowing to read tags while the trolley or the stack of textiles are moving, with no occurrence of stray reads.