Oorlogsverklaring tegen de wasmachine

Declaration of war against the washing machine!

Oxford Street in London has been the scene of a protest against  the household washing machine. The campaign was organized by Laundryheap, a web-based pick-up / delivery service. More than 100 people took part in the action, which took place at the doorstep of a large national white goods trader.

National fame Kirstie Allsop threw the bat into the hen’s box by stating that having the household washing machine in the kitchen, is not hygienic and makes people sick. In England it is a custom to place the washing machine in the kitchen.

Dr. Lisa Ackerley, Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Salford, confirms this and states that cross-contamination is a major risk. Dropping the dirty laundry on the counter brings the risk of food becoming contaminated. A risk that will be many times bigger if people working in health or elderly care will (be able to) wash their clothes at home!