Dexter Laundry proudly celebrates 125th Anniversary

US Iowa-based Dexter Laundry was founded in 1894 and the company still plays a vital role in the US Laundry Industry. Right from the start, the company’s washing machines had to be fast and efficient. And that is how their inventor – Mr. W.H. George – designed them. Every step in the fabrication of washers  was done in the company’s own facilities. Even today, the company uses this non-outsourcing strategy in order to gain absolute control of the quality and craftsmanship of every product.

Although technology has changed over the past century, the company still builds a wide range of the finest washers and dryers and each machine is made with the customer in mind. Every product is backed with an industry-leading warranty and an offer of lifetime technical support. From the day a washer is purchased, highly skilled technical support professionals are available to help everyone – from new investors to existing owners – keep their machines running.

Craig Kirchner, the company’s President proudly states: “Today, it isn’t just about a quality product, it’s also about quality service. That’s why we continue to offer lifetime technical support and the industry’s best warranty. I’m proud to say that after 125 years, Dexter Laundry is still going strong.”