Dibella Managing Director steps down from day-to-day business

Ralf Hellmann – Dibella’s long-standing Managing Director – will be retiring from day-to-day business in the summer of 2023. However, on a special request of the shareholders’ meeting he will then focus on the company’s sustainability strategy. It means that he will remain active for the company to a limited extent and will accompany the orientation and implementation of the sustainability strategy in an advisory capacity for at least three years.

Mr Hellmann has been in charge of Dibella for almost 30 years. He entered the textile industry in 1986, when he started working as an export salesman – and later textile technician for business people – with a yarn trading company. In January 1995 he joined Dibella as a managing partner and developed the company’s sustainable orientation and the expansion of ecologically, ethically and socially responsible textiles.

Apart from that he holds various positions in a number of sustainability organisations, such as the MaxTex Association, the BAUM network for sustainable management and the Hess Natur Foundation. He also created the GoodTextiles Foundation, which promotes projects in the regions where the organic cotton comes from.
In addition, he is committed to textile recycling and participates in pioneering research projects.