Dissolvable Poly (US)

Recently, US-based Green Garmento has introduced a new line of dissolvable poly film for dry cleaning, laundry, hotels and hospitals. In 2008 the company introduced reusable dry  cleaning and laundry bags. The product has become a huge success and thus the company could prevent millions of single-use plastic bags from entering the ecosystem. In order to act on cross contamination concerns, the company has now introduced “disSOLVE This!” It is a line of PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) packaging solutions to be used by all kinds of industries.

The company has been servicing the garment care industry for thirteen years and some laundry and dry cleaning services still prefer to use clear plastic “poly” bags to protect clothing. Now, operators can throw the bag and the laundry into the same machine and the bag simply disappears and all you have left is fresh laundry and no toxins or single-use plastic.