Dobbi wins the Overall Best Practices Awards, Van Hal Stomerij the Sustainability Award and Silk & Satin the Innovation trophy at The Dutch Best Practices Awards during LEE (Sept, 13) in Wommelgem, Belgium

Wasserij Clova, located in Wommelgem, Belgium, hosted the successful Laundry Experience Event (LEE), 2019 edition, on September 13th and 14th. One of the event’s highlights was be The Dutch PTC Best Practices Awards, a chapter of CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program 2019-2020, whose Final will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June, 20-22, 2020). Extraordinary showcases of Retail Textile Cleaning companies from The Netherlands were presented to the Jury, displaying an intensive focus on the best practices.

The winners of The Dutch Best Practices Awards 2019 were the following:

Dobbi – The Overall Best Practices Awards
Van Hal Stomerij – The Sustainability Award
Silk & Satin– The Innovation Award

LEE 2019 was organized by VEMATEX in cooperation with various industry associations like NETEX, FTN, TKT, TCT, the Textielbeheer magazine and CINET. Several other organizations from the Professional Textile Care sector have been invited to join the event, as well as stakeholders from other industries. The Laundry Experience Event 2019 was an unique event including  workshops on automation and New robot technologies and a demo of the New Robin robot of Laundry Robotics and an extensive program of workshops for industrial and retail applications.

Since its first edition last year, The Laundry Experience Event is established as the platform for sharing knowledge, information and common challenges through effective cooperation, aiming to fortify both the individual companies and the regional market overall. It is a platform in which new business models are showcased and initiated successfully.


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