Drop of 22% In H1 2020 For Professional Laundry Equipment Sales In France

According to Entretien Textile, the impact of the Corona pandemic on sales of professional laundry equipment in France in the first half of 2020 resulted in a 22% contraction.  The basis is the comparison with the first half 2019. The second quater of 2020, when the first wave lockdown measures to were imposed was particularily marked by a 34%  drop. This comes after very good results in 2019, that market a 2% increase in sales compared with 2018.

The data is gathered by the Promocuisines/Syneg Observatory, by collecting quarterly sales reports from leading companies of laundry equipment. The analysis contains also a positive forecast.  According the SYNEG, the French professional organization of the equipment suppliers, the spring of 2021 might bring a return to the levels of activity in 2019.