Dry Cleaner Stomerij Van Kan (NL) CERCLEAN® Recertified!

Dry cleaning Stomerij Van Kan in Leidschendam (The Netherlands) received the CERCLEAN® certificate from auditor Leo Wortman. This means that the company meets all requirements with regard to the environment and health and safety, but also ISO9001! Three years ago, Dry Cleaning Van Kan was one of the first Dutch textile cleaners to obtain the Cerclean certificate after being allowed to carry the NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee certificate for many years. CERCLEAN® adds an extra to this because it applies the principles of quality management that are focused on the textile cleaning company. We also congratulate Van Kan Dry Cleaning with this great result!

Mr. Orrin Romijn (Van Kan) receiving the Certificate from Mr. Leo Wortman (CERCLEAN Auditor)

CERCLEAN® gets you started!

The development of a complete and effective quality management system is a challenge. To help companies, Cerclen® has been developed, a comprehensive program that offers full support to enable everyone to acquire essential knowledge. By following the step-by-step approach, a comprehensive quality management system is implemented. A system tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in the different market segments in which they operate. The Cerclean® programma also offers a module for hygiene management based on NEN-EN 14065 RABC (Risk Analysis Biocontamination Control) that specifically monitors hygiene risks in cleaning and washing processes


More info on CERCLEAN® and ask for a certification quote on this link – here!