Dry-cleaning & Wedding Gowns – Tips from New Zealand

All kinds of fun at people’s wedding days, may lead to all kind of stains! Sand, wine, spray tan, grass stains and more. Brightly coloured stains or dark soiling around the hems are difficult to remove as they require handwork that can be damaging to delicate fabrics. Luckily, many laundry specialists handle extremely delicate fabrics regularly, so they are up to the challenge of removing these marks! The trickiest thing to remove is age marks and yellowing and the easiest way to avoid these is to clean the gown, right after it is worn.

It is recommended that a gown is taken to the laundry as soon as possible after the wedding, as certain stains can worsen and become set in over time. Different fabrics require different treatments. Therefore the fabric will be closely considered when determining the best method of cleaning.

After the wedding  some people sell their gowns, others don’t. Many laundries have a ‘bridal service’ depending on a variety of factors including complexity, volume and soiling. A good drycleaner will take you through the risks involved and will have long history of cleaning wedding gowns.