Drycleaning Industry News from Italy

Assofornitori (Associazione Fornitori Aziende Manutenzione dei Tessili) and Expo Detergo S.r.l. – main organisations in the Italian Drycleaning Industry – have recently renewed their Board as from 11 September last. Giuseppe Conti – already a member of the Board since 2011 and the President of A13 – has been elected the new Assofornitori President. Expo Detergo’s new President is Gabrio Renzacci of the Renzacci S.p.A. who has played various Executive roles within both organisations for more than thirty years.

The two organisations both represent companies operating in the sectors of laundry, dry-cleaning, ironing, logistics, chemistry, textiles and allied products. Together with FieraMilano, Expo Detergo organises a leading European show in the field of Textile Care, EXPOdetergo International – the brand name which is owned by Assofornitori. The company also functions as the publisher of Detergo, an official Assofornitori publication.

The newly elected Giuseppe Conti states he would like to adhere to establishing good and fruitful relations with other (international) associations within the sector in order to secure a stable market that is ‘in full synergy’. The new Expo Detergo President, Gabrio Renzacci intends to ‘keep levels of excellence by focusing on research, innovation of processes and, first of all, products’.