Durable Medical Insulation Jackets

Earlier this year, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) accepted the SBIR research proposal from Eindhoven Engine for sustainable medical insulation gowns.

The government uses SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) to challenge entrepreneurs to come up with innovative products and services to solve social issues. Eindhoven Engine has submitted a proposal together with TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) and HAVEP (workwear equipment supplier) and has been selected as one of five projects.

Acccording to the project’s initiators, “combating the COVID-19 virus creates a lot of waste. The vast majority of the protective material used in the healthcare sector must be destroyed after one use due to the risk of contamination. In this research, Eindhoven Engine and its partners will focus on the development of durable medical insulation jackets that can be used multiple times: the ProH I jacket. ”