Dutch jeans firm Garcia launches ‘near radiation-free’ collection

Smartphones, smart cars, smart computers, smart appliances. We have surrounded ourselves with a lot of ‘smart’, but we hardly think about smart’s consequences. Denim brand Garcia did think about them and recently introduced an innovative ‘radiation-free’ jeans collection in cooperation with Dutch social technology start-up Radygo.

Research has shown the possible dangers of mobile communications systems. Because of growing awareness of this risk, there is an increasing need for safe and sustainable products. For current and next mobile generations. That’s where Radygo comes in. The company designs everyday solutions that evidently reduce radiation exposure from everyday mobile radiation emitting devices such as smart phones and tablets.

De Garcia X Radygo Smart Denim Collection offers various items for both men and women. All pieces feature a hidden pocket – the ‘Radygo Smart Pocket’ constructed from an anti-radiation fabric that helps shield the body from wireless technology. With the range produced, you stay connected while you keep your ‘valuables’ safe and sound. The embroidery logo on the right marks the zone of protection. Dutch Research Institute TNO has confirmed that wearing the garments diminishes radiation exposure by 99.9 percent.