Dutch Prime Minister, Big Fan of his Drycleaner

In a short interview that he gave to Libelle, a TV station from The Netherlands, Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister praised his drycleaner’s services quality. The host invited Mr. Rutte to a short game with questions that can only be answered with YES or NO, using one of the 2 table-tennis paddles.

Asked if he irons his own shirts, Mark Rutte answered firmly “NO” (using also the “NO” paddle), adding, quote: “There is an amazing drycleaner who does that for me”. In line with its continous efforts to support the local drycleaners, NETEX (The Dutch Dry Cleaning Association) shared this video nation-wide, ecouraging the people in The Netherlands to outsource more of their laundries. The slogan used was: “Choose like Mark (Rutte). Choose the drycleaner!”

You can watch the video (in Dutch) on the link below