Eager to Boost your Customer Experience? Use Social Media!

In the online marketing world, content is king. Think about the brands and individuals you follow socially. You follow them because you may learn something, laugh at a situation or receive a winning tip. In short, you get something out of the interaction.

As a provider of laundry services intending to use the socials you should plan a strategy for regular content. You could think of methods such as:

  • Asking questions. Increasing your social presence and ultimately benefiting your business is about two-way communication. So, don’t be afraid to ask questions of your followers.
  • Cross-marketing. Work with nearby businesses to build followers for both entities. Sharing content and highlighting each other is a great way to gain followers.
  • Providing service alerts. The current COVID-19 crisis has showed us just how fluid things can be. Many store owners have used their Facebook pages to communicate that they are open as “essential businesses” and what their new store usage guidelines are to protect customers and staff.

A better customer experience is the new norm in our business too. Making sure people are attracted to your brand is immensely important. In short, give people reasons to follow  and use the socials to create a two-way conversation.