Eco-friendly dry cleaner in Somerset UK

Recently, Somerton Dry Cleaners owner Kate Underhill – joined by David Warburton, Member of Parliament for Somerton and former businessman – introduced a new environmentally-friendly dry cleaning system in Somerset UK.

The new system was installed by Renzacci UK and is stated to be eco-friendly, but also chemical-free and offering significantly higher energy-efficiency than traditional machines. The system is stated to reduce energy by weighing the garments and corresponding auto-dosing, while the drier measures moisture and sets a precise drying time. Providing an innovative dry cleaning process, the company’s ‘Lagoon’ is 100% non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for allergy and eczema sufferers and also babies and children.

Kate Underhill, owner of Somerton and Street Dry Cleaners, was forced to replace her existing machines after a catastrophic fire in 2019. She decided to switch to a new eco-friendly system. Underhill: “I’m delighted to be caring for the environment and achieving far better results than before. We no longer have to endure the daily chemical smell and I no longer need a permit to operate, since there are no chemicals to dispose of. Apart from that I no longer have to deal with the carcinogenic waste from the dry cleaning machine.”