EDRO Introduces Low-Profile DW400 Three Pocket End Loader

EDRO Introduces Low-Profile DW400 Three Pocket End Loader (USA)

EDRO has recently announced the introduction of low-profile DW400 three pocket end loader. The EDRO Corporation’s DynaWash DW400 features a 12-inch reduction in height over its predecessor. The low-profile DW400 showcases several new features including:

– A new positioning disc brake system
– Redesigned AutoIndex cylinder positioning
– A new chemical port manifold
– New re-enforced inner doors

The washer-extractor is designed around EDRO’s patented “3-D” basket design that offers a stable washing platform, more washing capacity in less space and a dynamic wash action for outstanding linen cleaning. Improved load balancing and water extraction are supplied by a single motor variable speed drive with exclusive variable step extract timing. The variable step extract’s unique speed algorithm spins the machine faster and faster as more water is removed from the load resulting in less water weight as the machine reaches its highest speeds.

The new model also integrates a new ozone control system for safety and ease of use of EDRO’s optional DynOzone – DynaWash Ozone System featuring PowerCell ozone-generating technology. This greatly reduces hot water requirements, while providing high-quality, low re-wash results.