Effective Reach of 100.000 people monthly in PTC

In the last months, CINET’s social media posts have a combined monthly reach of 100.000 people, among the stakeholders of the global Professional Textile Care (PTC) industry

The social media posts are placed on CINET Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts and revolve around the main CINET initiatives:

– Global Best Practices Awards (GBPA) 2020

– The World of PTC – Business School

– CERCLEAN® International Certification

– The WOPCOM Plaform

– New members of CINET network

The record breaking post was about the new Global Best Practices Awards 2020 movie (posted in October, 2020). The combined reach on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn was over 200.000 people involved or interested in the Professional Textile Care industry from all over the world. The video presents the concept of the Program and invites the PTC companies with a focus on best practices to join (free of charge) the GBPA2020 Program.

Feel free to read, like or share the CINET Facebook posts – here! You can also see GBPA2020 Movie below: