Effective Solvent Cleaning for Corona-Free Textiles

New biocidal agent effective for Covid-19

Hygiene, although always an important issue, has become top priority since corona stopped the world.  In the early days of corona in March 2020 CINET issued guidelines and protocols to secure and safe working circumstances for employees in textile care companies and delivery of hygienically clean textiles.

To ensure hygienically clean textiles the CINET protocol prescribes washing at 700C during 25 minutes of use of an approved disinfectant in combination with either low temperature washing or dry cleaning. These protocols are still valid and underwritten by experts, even though new variants of the virus have developed.

Now BUFA Reinigungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG introduces a new disinfecting cleaning process for all textile cleaning machines if they have a full distillation which can be used in combination with solvents PER, KWL, SENSENE, Intense or K4. The disinfectant is effective at low temperatures.

An independent laboratory has tested the efficacy according to international standards including EN 14476 (Quantitative suspension test for evaluation of virucidal activity in the medical area). This standard covers enveloped viruses thus also coronaviruses. BUFA DIASOL-OL is to be used in a two-bath process on machines with a full distillation system.

Still further investigations and tests will lead to development of optimizes procedures and validated test methods to evaluate germ reduction confirmed in laboratory in practice.