Eight new innovators promoted by Amsterdam-based Fashion for Good

Fashion for Good – a platform for innovation in the fashion industry – has welcomed eight innovative companies into its 2022 Global Innovation Programme.

Dyerecycle (UK) works on technology to recycle both dyes and fabrics. Ever Dye (France) developed two chemical solutions to dye faster with less energy and without using petrochemicals. Idelam (France) is using critical CO2 processes to make clothing and footwear suitable for recycling or reuse. Kintra Fibers (USA) has developed a new, plant-based polyester replacement that matches performance and price of traditional synthetics. Modern Synthesis (UK) uses microbes to grow a completely new form of textile made from nanocellulose. Premirr Plastics (USA) has created a simple and eco-friendly method to chemically recycle PET. Refiberd (USA) is able to manufacture 100% recycled thread that is up to 75% cheaper than other sustainable threads. Rubi (USA), makes carbon-negative textiles for the fashion industry with synthetic biology.

The 2022 Innovation Programme provides support during the development stage and based on ambitions of each innovator. Besides the programme matches them with relevant industry partners to drive piloting, implementation and investment. Fashion for Good’s programmes are already supported by some of the biggest brand names, including adidas, C&A, Chanel, Bestseller, Kering, Levi Strauss, Otto Group, PVH Corp., Stella McCartney, Target and Zalando.