Electrolux Professional Has Reopened Center of Excellence in UK

Electrolux Professional has reopened its Center of Excellence in Luton UK. The company has taken various anti-COVID measures to ensure that customers can use the space safely. Visitors are encouraged to bring their items to the Center for demonstrations across both food and laundry.

A one-way system has been incorporated to enable social distancing throughout the location, with both visitors and staff having to wear face coverings at all times. Hand sanitiser stations are also available at regular intervals to ensure interactions will be as hygienic as they are informative. The Center has been certified as Covid-safe by KeyOstas.

The Center has been upgraded considerably over the last 24 months, including major updates to the training and demonstration facility. It is aimed at strengthening the company’s position as global business partner for food, beverage and laundry and in that respect it has played a n important role in highlighting products to potential customers, as well as providing support and training to existing ones. Over the past year this has gained greater importance, especially since a number of core sectors – including hospitality, healthcare and education – face great challenges. It means that operators are eager to get the absolute most out of their equipment.