Elis partner with KAYA&KATO for high CSR standards

Textile service provider Elis has recently started cooperation with KAYA&KATO – a manufacturer of sustainable textiles for hotels and restaurants which are stated to offer climate-neutral products, with high sustainability standards including block chain technology and fair production conditions.
With this partnership, the company wants to underline its high CSR standards. According to a press release, the textile service provider is now offering its customers new textile solutions based on fair, sustainable and transparent production across the entire supply chain. The first joint project will be the Dorint Hotel Group. As from the summer of 2022, 33 hotels in Germany with a total of 6,000 rooms will successively be supplied by Elis with sustainable and climate-neutral textiles supplied by the new partner.

In cooperation with technology firm IBM, the textile manufacturer has developed the world’s first block chain application for the textile industry – enabling a 100 percent transparent supply chain. Production in Europe also guarantees short transport routes, low CO2 emissions and fair working conditions. Elis is also offering the KAYA&KATO “Clean Ocean” collection – plastic waste from the sea is recycled and processed into polyester yarn for the new blended fabric made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. For instance, a small apron contains six PET bottles.