Elite Drycleaners prolong their title

For the second time in a row, Elite Drycleaners have won the title Drycleaners of the Year in the Scottish Independent Retail Awards 2019.

The awards, which were awarded for the ninth time this year, acknowledge the contributions of the country’s independent retailers to the overall economy as well as the wide range of diversity in the sector; a celebration of independent retailers.

As well as celebrating the Scottish independent retailers, the awards this year also offered a opportunity to raise money for the charity The Well Foundation that provides safe clean drinking water to countries in need.

Under the watchful eyes of 300 guests, 28 accolades were handed out to retailers providing their customers with technology, fashion, sports equipment, books, meat and many more.

It was Elite Drycleaners from Edinburgh which won the award in the category Dry Cleaners of the Year for the second time in a row, a great accomplishment.

According to the organizer of the award show, “The ceremony was a true reflection of the excellent retailers operating in Scotland and we are delighted to be able to tell you that our aim to recognize the hard work and determination of the independent retailers has been accomplished with great success.”