Elis Reported Positive 2020 Operating Results

The Elis Corporation recently published their annual financial statement. In the corona year 2020, the company was able to improve its operating result despite a 14.5 percent drop in sales compared to the previous year, pay off debts and generate profits. The company reacted to the corona crisis with tough cuts. The savings strategy has had a positive effect and -although sales decreased – the textile service provider was able to resist the corona crisis. The international company expects to grow three percent in 2021.

CEO Xavier Martiré is convinced that the good result confirms the strategy that has been adopted: a variety of customers and a broad portfolio. In view of the still uncertain situation with regard to vaccinations, mutations and the recovery in international travel, the order port-folio is expected to stabilize in the first half of the year and even increase towards the middle of the year. 

Despite the positive forecast, Mr Martiré emphasizes that the current situation demands continued caution. Despite this uncertainty, the company intends to meet its corporate responsibility more closely in the future. A CSR (“Corporate Social Responsibily”) committee was therefore set up in November 2020 and an action plan until 2025 for all non-monetary goals has been developed.