EVI Industries finalizes Acquisition of Eastern Laundry Systems (USA)

EVI Industries, Inc. (NYSE American: EVI) recently announced that it completed its acquisition of Massachusetts-based Eastern Laundry Systems on January 15, 2021. This company is a distributor of vended and on-premise laundry products and a provider of related installation and maintenance services. The acquisition reflects EVI’s long-term growth strategy.

EVI Industries, Inc., achieves its revenues by selling, leasing or renting, commercial, industrial and vended laundry, dry-cleaning, and material handling equipment, steam and hot water boilers, water reuse and filtration systems, chemical supplies and related replacement parts and accessories. Furthermore, the company designs, plans, and installs turn-key laundry, dry cleaning, boiler, and water filtration systems and provides maintenance services.

The company’s customers include retail, commercial, industrial, institutional, and government organisations. Purchases made range from parts and accessories, to single or multiple units of equipment.