EVI Industries sets records!

EVI Industries recently reported a record fiscal fourth quarter and fiscal year ended June 30, 2021.

The company’s chairman and CEO Henry M. Nahmad commented that strong fourth quarter results reflect a steady recovery across certain end customer categories. This resulted in a significant increase in demand for the commercial laundry products and service solutions that are provided.

Amidst the recovery and increased demand, the company actively managed supply chain disruptions and labour shortages that threatened to cause delays in product lead times, pricing volatility, cost increases, and other adverse conditions.

In fiscal 2021, the company successfully acquired two businesses in order to strengthen its Northeast operations in the US. Additionally, the acquisitions made just before the beginning of COVID-19 have exceeded expectations in terms of market share growth and operating performance. Mr. Nahmad also stated that company focus was based on protecting and strengthening gross margins while enhancing customer value proposition. Therefore, among other things, a performance management system and new technologies were implemented.