Exciting Future for UK Hotel Textile Supplier within US-based WestPoint Home?

Global textile supplier and distributor to leading hotel brands across the world, Vision Support Services, has recently announced it has been acquired by US textile giant, WestPoint Home. The deal enables s a unified and dominant position for both companies in the hospitality sector and the Vision management team intends to accelerate the impressive rate of growth that they’ve already seen across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Vision, founded in 2005, has developed an impressive client base and has become the preferred supplier for many of the leading hotel brands. With key customers such as Marriott, Hilton, IHG and Accor, the company will now focus on expanding these relationships into North America. Vision is stated to have a proven specialised skillset with the knowledge and ability to deliver individual brand standards in textiles. This includes a best in class global supply chain, with local sourcing offices across India, China, Pakistan and Turkey.

WestPoint Home is an American leading supplier of fashion and home textiles to prominent retailers such as Ralph Lauren and JC Penney. WestPoint Home, like Vision, is also backed by over 200 years of manufacturing heritage with the brand being traced back to 1813.