Exclusive Update on Post-Corona Recovery in China’s PTC Sector

All over the world, the Coronavirus pandemic has affected the Professional Textile Care companies, leading to operation disruptions and special situation. In several regions, the companies are making firm steps towards the recovery after the Corona, while in other countries, the lockdown is still causing major losses.

We asked China Laundry Association (CLA)  to share the current status on the Chinese RTC and ITS companies path towards recovery. According to Mr. Pan Wei, Executive Chairman and Secretary General of CLA, the post-Corona recovery in China is still in progress, the estimation being the the whole Chinese PTC sector is operating at 60% of the volumes before the pandemic. There are different stages among the main sectors: while the Retail Textile Cleaning is already at 70-80% of the revenue levels before Corona, the Industrial Textile Services sector’s operations are at 40-50% compared to the normal revenues. This is especially caused by the higher impact on the volumes of laundries serving the hospitality and industrial areas.

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