Expansion Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service HappyNest Continues in USA

HappyNest – the US-based tech-empowered laundry pickup and delivery service – has expanded with the recent addition of two California locations. The new partners are Bart Duren, who owns Laundry City in Fresno, and Rhett Bray, owner of Speedwash Laundromat and Water Store in Orange.

Duren has been in the laundry industry for five years and is also employed with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E). At first his family will help him to develop  the new enterprise when he is not available. Ultimately, he intends to spend all his time on the laundromat.  Bray has owned his Orange Laundromat the past three years and ventured into pickup and delivery in 2020 with limited success. After consulting with a current HappyNest partner, Bray was convinced to get on board.