EXPOdetergo International News Milan, October 21-24 2022

EXPOdetergo International is a leading four-yearly event in Europe and worldwide, dedicated to machines, technologies, products and service innovations for laundry, ironing and textile cleaning organised and promoted by Expo Detergo and Fiera Milano – will take place from 21st to 24th October 2022 in the Fiera Milano Fairgrounds.

Sustainability, circularity, ergonomics and digitalisation, hygiene and sanitisation will be the key topics around which the 2022 edition will be built. Low environmental impact, energy efficiency, higher quality of work is possible due to increase in ergonomic and digital machines capable of monitoring and making the entire line more efficient. The highlight is the guarantee of hygiene during the process as a result of innovation, research and development bringing change to different application areas from laundry in areas like hotels, spas and restaurants.

EXPOdetergo International 2022 aims to represent the entire offer available on the market today in terms of technologies, products and services for textile maintenance in retail and professional textile industries. Focused as always exclusively on new and highly innovative products, EXPOdetergo International confirms its vocation to give space to excellence with a proposal dedicated to the best products for the cleaning and maintenance of fabrics.  A highly enlightening event which, as always, will also allow visitors to see numerous machines in operation. CINET aims to give recognition to the best showcases and spread knowledge about sustainability and circularity in an intense two days Global Best Practices Awards Program.

If you have any queries regarding the event at Milan, feel free to contact Expo Detergo.