Facts on PTC’s Superior Sustainability

Sustainability supports an enormous market potential for PTC in the next decade. Most important driving force are the consumers who adopt sustainability in their daily life. It is a trend that has increased during the pandemic. According to a recent Deloitte study, 32% of the consumers are highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle. Also governments adopt a more proactive attitude and take measures to improve sustainability and circularity of textiles.

CINET’s initiatives on sustainability 

For Professional Textile Care, CINET is developing initiatives in the framework of the International Sustainability Manifesto in the coming year focusing on stimulating business development and market development, engaging all parties in the supply chain, with the scientific support of reputed PTC experts. The first base was a research conducted 10 years ago and recently updated by CINET proving that Professional Textile Care is 3 to 5 times more sustainable than the domestic washing.


PTC’s Superior Sustainability

☑️ PTC means superior sustainability by comparison with domestic washing:
  • 80-90% water saving
  • Almost 30% CO2 emission reduction
  • On average 30% energy saving.
  • No microfibers released in the environment
☑️ PTC = saving time: on average you save 5 hours weekly! You can watch 3 Netflix films instead!
☑️ PTC = guaranteed and safe hygiene. Professional textile care companies can offer you this by processes that are done according to the recommended protocols.
☑️ PTC = superior quality, thanks to the best practices applied. As in Martin’s song, “everything they do is beautiful”!
☑️ PTC = saving money, if we put all the above in balance.