Fast Fashion slowing down … Slow Fashion speeding up

How will fashion be sold in the future? How are consumers changing? What role does sustainability play? The recently brand new Retail Report by the Future Institute in Frankfurt, Germany addresses these questions and many more.

We no longer live in a convenient state of normality that is now and then interrupted by a catastrophic event. Crises are the new normal. We will have to realize that society is entering a phase of perpetual crisis and that “business as usual” may last a few years, or just a few months. At the same time, the retail industry faces growing political and social pressure to move more towards sustainability and shared values.

The fashion industry has already been slowed down by the pandemic and by the consequences of the Ukraine war. Vulnerable supply chains, increased transport and energy costs and rising prices are affecting the globalized fashion industry. Fast fashion based on the principle ” faster, cheaper and ever more” – which has been the trend for years – is now experiencing a standstill. The fashion system would have reached its limits anyway, because of the call for sustainability and shared values. However, what could have developed evolutionarily is now being revolutionized under pressure.