Find Your Laundry Niche! New Market Segments for PTC companies

Cornwall UK-based commercial laundry specialist Brewer & Bunney wanted to attract more dairy farms in its customer-base, since it can help make the milking process more sustainable and profitable. And online web design and marketing company updated the site for them to make the niche services penetrate the market more easily.

The company already has decades of experience working with farms across the region. They provide them with machines for the washing of teat cloths to sheep fleeces that run at quicker cycles and at lower temperatures, thus saving energy and money. Apart from that causes of mastitis – a potentially fatal mammary gland infection in cows – is being removed. Although the company is convinced that there is a market for industrial washing machines in the dairy farm industry, farmers were not aware of the savings they could make – as well as stopping the throw-away culture.

The website works well and brings in lots of business, because it enabled them to personally monitor the results, rather than rely on a monthly report from an external body. The site is easier to navigate – taking people to the relevant page, testimonials and names.  By now, dozens of new enquires and a significant increase in web traffic have been realized.