First official CINET Business School event in India: eager participants and a common charter to develop organized PTC business

In the third week of January this year CINET conducted a full week of visits in India to further establish “The World of PTC Business School” in India. One of the major highlights of this full program was the Global Laundry Summit organized at the Food Hospitality World show in Mumbai on January 21st. This show is aimed at hospitality in general, a major growth driver for the professional laundry business as well. The conference was well attended and included contributions from 6 supporting suppliers Alliance, Electrolux, Landuwasco, Ramsons, Sealed Air and Stahl.

Action plan 2017

Prior to the conference a group of suppliers gathered to discuss the development of the Indian PTC industry and a full scale action plan for 2017 with several workshop and training programs throughout the year. The key to speed up the development of the Indian PTC industry is to bring suppliers together on a joint, transparent and open platform for all stakeholders. in the upcoming year 8 Indian large cities are targeted divided over 4 trips to the country, starting with a first workshop tour in March.


Supporting group of suppliers from left to right: Mukesh Kantilal (Ramsons), Mr. Wennekes (CINET), Mr. Kumar (Stahl India), Mr. ten Hagen (Landuwasco), Mr. Menezes (Buzil-Rossari India), Ms. Kumaarr (Stahl-India), Mr. Jash Dalal (BeePee Puretex), Sonia Chawla (FHW), Mr. Tjin Hok (Electrolux), Mr. Belani (Ramsons), Mr. Tushar (Electrolux), Mr. Ganesh (Sealed Air), Mr. Wennekes (CINET) and Mr. Singh Bhatia (Ramsons)


Vast potential: 20% growth per year

Currently there is a good climate for business growth in India, including an estimated 20% growth per year for the professional laundry and dry cleaning industry (Nielsen study). Suppliers active in India endorse the positive development, the major challenge is to get the industry organized and professionalized so the appreciation of customers is secured. The World of PTC Business School India offers an initiative that aims to support the industry in this development by providing an easy-to-access information flow on best practices in PTC. During the meeting with suppliers the representatives expressed their intent to use the business school as a joint platform.


A well attended conference program with contributions from 6 suppliers at the FHW show