Fit clothing with a personalized 3D model

More and more people order clothes online and choose different sizes to make sure that a (size) fits. Garments that do not fit will be returned.

A waste of unnecessary transport, and in some cases the returned clothing is even destroyed. That is why the sector has joined forces and two new ISO standards on digital fitting are being worked on.

The international ISO committee “Digital Fittings” (ISO / TC 133) has published two new working documents and submitted them to the ISO members for approval. Both documents are accepted and new Technical Specifications (TS) for Digital fitting can be started – Service procedure – Part 1: Ready-to-wear clothing online and off-line and Part 2: Customized clothing online and off-line. These are procedures for digital fitting for ready-to-wear clothing and made-to-measure clothing, using a virtual body.

These developments not only meet the rise in online shopping, but also respond to the growing demand for unique, tailor-made clothing. Both consumers and industry, but also the environment, benefit from the possibility of digital fitting.