For drycleaners (and not only)! Problems caused by wrong labeled garments

CINET members from several parts of the world have signaled situations in which the garments can have a wrong label, which might mislead the drycleaner about requirements for the items.

Several reports from North America are showing a model of ladies jacket, in which the black color runs, despite the indication on the label. An extra-attention, as well as a good communication with the client, the garment manufacturer and the National Professional Textile Cleaning Association could help prevent future unpleasant situations for the customers and for the drycleaners.

The National Professional Textile Cleaning Association in each country can play a pivotal role in an effective approach of all parties and towards corrective measures.

More about how you can do the testing for several types of garments, you can find in the Business School curricula for the Retail Textile Cleaning – here!


Wrong labels from the garment manufacturers can mislead the drycleaner