For Retail Textile Cleaning: CINET Innovation Webinar (Sept 15 at 15:00 CET)

Is your company operation in the drycleaning and/or wetcleaning segment? Then, this FREE CINET Webinar is for you! Digitization and innovation are essential in order to generate new business, new customers and new revenues in Corona times. How others are applying it on the NEW FREE CINET Webinar for Retail Textile Cleaning (drycleaning and wetcleaning) companies. 


The Webinar will present new trends in digitization, robotization and inovation and how can innovation be applied in several segments of RTC’s activity. Several successful recent showcases from all over the world which will be presented during the Webinar. Book your FREE spot at the Webinar using the registration form on the links below: for the ITS segment.

Outline of the Program.

  • 15:00  Intro CINET: The need for PTC to change; reaching end of lifecycle in mature markets, by Peter Wennekes (CINET President & CEO) 10 min
  • 15:10 How is digitization applied to capture new customer groups, by Leon Wennekes – 30 min
  • New PTC Markets: insights, e-commerce & co-creation (15 min)
  • Digital marketing & (new) product development (15 min)
  • 15:40 Partners Presentation: Christoph Richter, Global Segment Manager Consumer Operated & Cleaning Shops, Electrolux Professional (15 min)
  • 15:55 Partners Presentation: Tim Maxwell, President GreenEarth (15 min)
  • 16:10 Q&A
  • 16:30 End of Meeting



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The participation is FREE OF CHARGE.


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