Fornet CERCLEAN® Certified at 20th Anniversary in Beijing

Quality management, sustainability and safety to the highest PTC standards!

Fornet has begun adding CERCLEAN® certification to sites of its network throughout China. This achievement is part of a comprehensive certification agreement with CINET for their Fornet sites in China. The first 16 CERCLEAN® International Certificates were granted by CINET President Peter Wennekes to Mr. Pai Pinchou, founder and owner, and Ms. Zhu Lijun, General Manager of the Fornet company at the 20th anniversary of Fornet on September 24th in Beijing. Ms. Lijun from Fornet states: ‘we are most pleased with the development of CERCLEAN, setting clear double-digit targets for operational efficiency as well as embracing the opportunity to further develop the Fornet brand with an endorsement of independent international certification.’

Fornet is a professional laundry company with an extensive network of some 1200 sites in China P.R. all over the country’s 31 provinces and autonomous regions in nearly 300 cities. It offers services in the field of clothing cleaning, home cleaning, leather care and on-site services. The company owns more than 150 direct stores with a high quality service business model in modern professional textile care in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Dalian, Chongqing, Guangzhou and other places.

In 2016 Fornet was awarded the CINET Global Best Practices Overall award being worldwide the most extraordinary performing dry cleaning business evaluated by an independent jury of 20 international experts from 17 countries.

By being CERCLEAN® certified, Fornet will achieve a further standardization of its processes, lower operational cost (efficiency, energy savings, etc.) and continuous improved processing according to the highest safe & sustainable standards of best practices. This is supported by qualified long-time industry professionals worldwide and readily available access to an international knowledge database. Hence the company’s expertise will be showcased with an internationally endorsed CERCLEAN® certificate. The CERCLEAN® certificate highlights Fornet’s vision to provide each customer professional services of the highest quality at a reasonable price for the consumer.

The CERCLEAN® certification is executed in two steps:

  • The first level describes and examines a.o. quality, safety and sustainable procedures of the laundry facilities operations, required to be compatible to legal and international guidelines and requirements.
  • The second level of this quality program focuses on Hygienic & Microbiological quality of processes.

For 2017, 2018 and 2019 an Operational Plan of Action has been designed to support Fornet shops to implement and adopt the International CERCLEAN® quality scheme. Yearly evaluation meetings are also part of the ongoing certification process. A CERCLEAN® certificate is valid for three years; after three years a re-audit is to be performed.


About Fornet

Fornet was founded in July 1997 and immediately implemented an international laundry model. It was the first company to operate a ‘one hour laundry service’ and ‘automatic dressing system’ in Beijing. 20 years later, it is one of the largest and most respected laundry companies worldwide. It has been a member of CINET from the very first days of its operations. Fornet has benefited from advanced knowledge and expertise by incorporating high quality European technology and practices, acquiring advice on international market trends and developments and participating in international events.



CINET (Comité International De L’Entretien du Textile) is the international umbrella assocaiton for professional textile care (PTC). CINET has over 90 members (national associations, international suppliers, research institutes and individual companies. And an international network of 2500+ industry experts. Through the network CINET aims to represent the interests of some 400.000 companies that are currently active in the Global PTC industry.

More information about CINET, its activities and how to become a member can be found at


About the CINET International Certification Program

CINET offer an International Certification Program for Professional Textile Care companies. Currently there are 2 Certification Programs available for Textile Cleaning (retail laundry & dry cleaning companies) and Textile Services (industrial laundry companies).

CERCLEAN®, a non-accredited international certification program. Separate certification programs for retail laundry & dry cleaning (TC = Textile Cleaning) and industrial laundries (TS = Textile Services) are available. Both with a handbook based upon ISO 9001-2015, RABC requirements and international industry standards.
CERTEX®, an accredited international certification program operational for over 50 years, governed by an independent council and accredited according to the international council of accreditation.
These programs support individual companies in their efforts to implement International Quality & Hygiene standards as well as monitoring systems which is vital to maintaining and improving performances. Standards are set based on modern internationally acknowledged processes and management principles such as ISO and EN. For more information please visit