FREE WOPCOM ACCESS for GBPAP2020 participants

GBPAP2020 participants will benefit of a 2 months free access on WOPCOM. On WOPCOM, you will find full info on Corona, the CINET Activities & Projects and The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 presentations, amongst which you can find the following:
  • World of PTC Book 7; “Building New PTC Markets”

  • Book “Knowledge of Fashion Care”, by Masashi Shimenoki

  • Profiles of Official GBPAP2020 Nominations

  • “Guaranteed Hygiene presentation”, by Simon Hemmes and introduction of the International Hygiene Advisory Committee

  • “Sustainability A business opportunity” presentation, by Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer
  • “The International Manifesto for a circular Professional TEXTILE care INDUSTRY” presentation by Leon Wennekes


What’s in it for you on WOPCOM?

WOPCOM (The World of PTC Community) is an online platform where partners of Professional Textile Care come together and find information on business development. You can find there exclusive PTC content on the following categories:


    1. Expert visions by industry peers
    2. Marketing articles/reports
    3. Research papers/scientific reports
    4. Technical articles/reports
    5. Business cases in PTC
    6. Business cases from the Global Best Practices Awards
…and the content is being continuously updated!



How can you join WOPCOM


The CINET members benefit of free access to WOPCOM. If you are not (yet) a member of CINET, you can choose the subscription option that matches you profile and needs, on this link – here!  The WOPCOM content is being continuously updated with exclusive articles, reports and presentations covering the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having in the Professional Textile Care industry.