French Industrial Laundries Ask For More Support From The Government

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has a high impact on Professional Textile Care companies in all European countries. In France, according to L’Entretien Textile, the companies with more than 50 employees (the case of the Industrial Textile Services laundries) don’t receive the same support from country’s goverment as the small and medium enterprises (SME’s). Excluded from the proposed devices, the ITS companies are in a difficult situation, in a fight to survive which could ultimately cost nearly 9,000 jobs. The estimations show that a third of these companies could not survive the second lockdown.

Since the revenue losses are in most of the cases around 60%, the solution proposed by the laundries is to be included in the scheme  as well, event though if most of the cases the industrial laundries have more than 50 employees. In their call for support, the ITS companies underlined their essential role and hard work since the start of the pandemic crisis.