FTN (NL): Excellent End Result With Long Term Agreement3!

The latest LTA3 sector report has been drawn up. LTA3 ended at the end of last year, which also ended years of active participation by FTN in various covenants. The last report with the monitoring data for 2020 will be published this year. The year of the corona crisis. LTA stands for Long Term Agreement, a covenant of industries with the government. Aim was to achieve 30% energy savings between 2005 and 2020.

The good figures show that FTN has successfully participated. 32.1% savings in process efficiency in 2020 compared to 2005. This means that the requirement of an average of 2% per year is more than met. While the process efficiency improvement lagged behind compared to previous years, mainly due to the corona crisis. If we look at the total result of the sector, we see that more than 110% of the sector target has been achieved.

FTN is in favor of a new LTA4 covenant and is collaborating on this via MKB Nederland. Consultations with the government are in full swing. It is clear that a successor will be based on a different footing and will focus on CO2 reduction.