Fully automated mat processing by Jensen

JENSEN’s one-stop shopping approach opens new perspectives on increasing laundry productivity. With the introduction of the new finishing technology, the global player completes the range of services of mat laundries and ensures a seamless process from the sorting station to delivery. The one-stop shopping complete system approach combines machines, continuous data communication, and state-of-the-art automation for increased efficiency and conservation of resources by industrial laundries.

“Our product developers and engineers are passionately working on developing new solutions that will ensure a substantial increase in productivity for our partners,” explains Martin Rauch, Executive Director Sales & Innovations of the JENSEN-GROUP. “Whether in terms of washing or finishing technology or recently also in mat technology, our focus is always on the benefits to the customer and the individual needs of our order partner.”

Store owners and managers rely on dirt-trapping mats in the entrance area. These mats ensure a clean look, lower cleaning costs, and protect floor surfaces. Jensen’s system ensures an operationally efficient flow of the laundry:

– The Futurail sorting solutions from JENSEN guide the mats according to their emergence onto the correct track system
– Depending on the output volume, JENSEN JWE washer extractors and the JENSEN JTD dryers are well-suited.
– The JENSEN Senking mat shaker is especially designed for dirt-trapping mats
– The patented balancing system of the Senking centrifuges is ideal for dirt-trapping maps, whose material, composition, size, and water retention create more imbalances than normal laundry or work clothing.
– Sophisticated interim storage, seamless data communication, and well thought out track and trace systems form the backbone of the automation and ensure constant and sustained utilization of the mat laundry.
– The Jenmat carousel provides ergonomically correct output height for easy acceptance by the operator.
– The Jenmat Speedroller automates the mat rolling process at a speed of 320 mats per hour.