G.A.Braun, INC. publishes new ‘Science Stands The Test of Time® Finishing Environments’

Braun – a major provider of value added solutions through the design, build and manufacture of “smart” laundry and textile equipment and support services – has announced the availability of their new Science Stands The Test of Time® Finishing Environments publication.

By partnering with their suppliers and striving to develop a continual improvement culture within their organization, Braun states to be committed to providing customers with industry-leading quality products, consultative and technical support services that meet customer’s requirements and enhance their level of satisfaction.

The purpose of this publication is to educate the industry on the science behind and evolution of textile finishing technology and equipment.  The publication is the third in the series.  The company has also published series on Batch Tunnel Washing Technology and Conventional Washroom Technology. For more information and to download a copy of any of the Science publications you are invited to visit the company’s website. The series can be found in the “Laundry Industry Science” section.