G.A. Braun Launches new Website

Laundry equipment manufacturer G.A.Braun reports it has launched a new company website. The company says the complete redesign includes content, layout, navigation and enhanced functionality.

Pamela Simonetti, director of marketing: “We believe the new site is much more engaging for our visitors, allowing them to gain a much better understanding of our equipment offerings, project management capabilities and service support.”

In addition to a dedicated video page, the company claims it has also embedded video within product categories, along with equipment animations. The video and animation are stated to highlight key features and product performance data to help customers and prospects make educated decisions on the best equipment solutions for their unique processing requirements. The company plans to continue to build upon the site with more dynamic components, including more audio and video. Apart from that the architecture of its new site provides the capability and flexibility to add a host of additional online marketing and customer care related programs, which Braun will be developing and releasing throughout the coming months.

Additionally, an improved Braun laundry parts site is to be released, which will simplify searching and shopping for parts. Access to this site will remain through customer-specific passwords in a secure online environment.