GBPAP helps your business grow. An outstanding example from an exceptional French showcase

“Dear CINET, I trust this message finds you well. The French Best Practice Award has been a real asset for my company”. This is how the heartwarming letter received from Cedric Dekeyser (C2K Pressing), one of the winner of GBPAP18 pre-selection in France starts.

Since winning 3 trophies, the Innovation, the CSR, and The Overall Best Practices (in the Retail Textile Cleaning category) the growth path of the outstanding company from Fontenay la Comte, France has been a successful and continuous one.

“The awards have been an argument for winning new contracts and helped me get acquainted with several French institutions that were also useful in my job”, says Mr. Dekeyser.  He is also proud to announce the birth of 2 new companies in his business’ portfolio: IZYLAV, a modern and innovative assisted laundromat and ATYOM, a consulting company in management and organization for retail textile cleaning companies.

C2K Pressing’s brochure


The Global Best Practices Awards are an excellent tool to create positive profiling on the capabilities of the Professional Textile Care industry which is one of CINET’s 3 main objectives as a global umbrella association. Through this program the most extraordinary showcases worldwide are identified and subsequently promoted to other stakeholders both inside and outside the industry. By objectively reviewing each application based on a detailed reply form, visual supporting material and actual visits to the companies, the truly remarkable aspects are identified and used for promotion.

The presentation of the 2 new PTC initiatives of Mr. Dekeyser

YOUR PR. Please provide us with an example of your initiative and experience related to the  Global Best Practices Awards Program.

CINET Secretariat