GBPAP18: Facts & figures before an outstanding event

15% increase in terms of participants. A record number of applications were received by CINET’s Secretariat for The Global Best Practices Awards Program.

40 countries are represented in the competition. CINET’s GBPAP18 welcomes companies with outstanding profiles from countries which are for the first time part of the Awards, such as Morocco, Chile, Kosovo, Moldova and Iran.

8 National pre-selection events. There were 8 pre-selection chapters organized by National Associations together with CINET in France, UK (2), Italy, The Netherlands, Norway. Indonesia and Russia.

There are 5 times more companies which are based on online platforms. This is an undisputed fact for the irreversible trend that incorporates the Laundry on Demand concept.

We are looking forward to the best edition of The Global Best Practices Awards in Milan!