GBPAP2020: Presentation Book 7: “Building new PTC markets”

During The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 the launching (on November 5th) of The World of PTC – Volume 7 (digital) will take place, with the title “Building new PTC markets”. Book nr. 7 will contain on PTC global trends towards sustainability, market studies, examples of enabling relevant technologies and modern management techniques to Build new PTC markets, as well as many outstanding (and inspirational) showcases from all regions of the world.

Sustainability, Hygiene and Digitization will be the central subjects during the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, with a focus on how these critical success factors can generate new market opportunities and new clients in order to facilitate a fast post-Corona recovery. It will be a large-scale follow-up of the continuous CINET initiative from the beginning of the pandemic through a series of Webinars focused on how PTC companies can apply Sustainability, Hygiene and Digitization to generate growth. The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 will be a hybrid event,  streamed LIVE ONLINE from Amsterdam (NL) on 4-5 November 2020, with participants from some 40 countries.

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CINET has launched 7 years ago the unique “World of PTC” project consisting of a collection of books concerning the Professional Textile Care (PTC) sector around the world. You can order the full collection of World of PTC Books via the website, or via CINET Secretariat.



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