GBPAP2020 Reach: Over 20.000 PTC Professionals Worldwide

The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 Program appeared to be a great success. Over 20.000 professionals from the industry followed an extensive program of in total 7 hours on November 4 and 5 last and witnessed how the international independent jury of 20 professionals gave the Overall Awards to Oceanside Cleaners from the USA (Retail Textile Cleaning Cat -SME), Oxwash from the UK (Retail Textile Cleaning Cat Big) and GCS – BIH 77 from France (Cat Industrial Textile Services). The Life Time Award was for Mr. Masashi Shimenoki and the Yep Awards were granted to Blanc (France) and WAUWcloset (The Netherlands).

Unprecedented event

In times of corona this indeed was an unique unprecedented event. Whereas most events were cancelled the GBPAP20 was nevertheless pursued. As CINET CEO Mr. Peter N.M. Wennekes stated in his welcome speech, “indeed we live in difficult times for the global economy, and for almost all laundries and textile cleaners around the world, and it is not over yet. It will last for at least until the 2nd part of 2021 as many experts claim.
But yes, we need to develop new plans and prepare for a better future. Because at CINET we strongly believe in a fierce and strong recovery of the Professional Textile Care industry. Based upon vision huge new opportunities will be out there offering a strong new market demand. However it will require professional entrepreneurial skills to develop them.
It all will be about, new ways of thinking, about new perspectives and new experiences.”


There will be a new dimension after corona, the world will not be the same anymore, but exiting new opportunities will be there for those companies who have the vision to take them.
That’s why cinet felt it an excellent timing to organise this GBPAP20 event now. Cinet believes that the presented 45 superb showcases from 36 countries will stimulate others in the industry to set up new businesses and services as well and will demonstrate that sharing experiences between colleagues is really to the benefit of all.

7 hours of streaming in 2 days

Originally the 3rd edition of the GBPAP was planned to be organized at the Texcare International show in Frankfurt June last. When this event was cancelled, it was transferred to Amsterdam NL, in partnership with the Interclean show. However, also this event was cancelled and both events were decided to be organized early November.

With 120 official nominees, from 36 countries and 45 finalists the 3rd edition of the GBPAP was attended by over 4.500 professionals from the industry worldwide. Over 20.000 connections attended some  7 hours of streaming by  all the time. Additionally, the event was streamed by INTERCLEAN. Until now, the numbers are not available yet.