GBTA Research Shows: Vaccines Bring Hope

A research conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) – 5,000-plus members manage over $340 billion of global business travel and meetings expenditures annually – has found that most of its members and stakeholders (79%) would be “very comfortable” or “comfortable” traveling for business after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

The GBTA survey found that almost 50% support mandatory testing prior to travel to ensure the safety of customers and clients when meeting face-to-face. The survey also showed that a safe return to business travel as quickly as possible,  includes a consistent approach to travel restrictions, pre-testing and the possibility of vaccination passports once the vaccine is readily available.

Another finding is that border closures and restrictions have significantly impacted business travel. Four in 10 (43%) say border closures and restrictions have impacted their company recovery efforts in 2021. A strong majority of GBTA member companies (76%) continue to report they have suspended or cancelled all business travel regardless of location.