German Fliegel Textilservice Invests in the Future!

Berlin-based commercial laundry Fliegel Textilservice is investing eight million euros in new technology. According to the company the investments have nothing to do with COVID19 and are aimed at an increase in productivity and to make processes more effective and hygienically even safer.

As to employment the company has confirmed that employees have not been laid off. Daniel Tarczyński – Managing Director of the Fliegel Group – stated that at present 80 percent of the team will keep their jobs. However, of the regular 1,000 jobs at all locations, well over 20 percent of the permanent positions are not filled – temporarily. In addition, the company is suspending the use of marginal or temporary workers for the time being.

The company – part of Servitex – is converting its locations. The conversions and renovations had been planned as early in 2019. For instance, in Leipzig, automatic feeding systems will be expanded and storage capacity will be increased. At the site in Saxony internal logistics will be improved. The company’s largest location in Berlin has invested in its production facility in Poland – near the German border in order to make logistics processes more efficient. Besides, a department for workwear in both plants has been created.