German focus on laundry automation – improving on workplace and hygiene

Automation and hygiene in Germany’s heavy duty laundries become more and more crucial.  Automation can be considered to be a  range of technologies that reduce human intervention in processes, and where laundry robotics remove the dirty work.

German laundries seem to be particularly interested in automating their production processes as some laundry jobs become less pleasant, physically difficult or even dangerous. Consequently, these jobs do not seem very attractive, especially since earnings are often not very high. In addition, there is a shrinking labour force in German speaking countries and at the same time, more people choose to study longer rather than to choose a physical job.

Frey Textilreinigung in Burgau recognized the need to create a clean and safe workplace with very few manual processes and many intelligent robot systems. The company owners decided to purchase the Inwatec Greit Stack Storage and Pack-Out storage system. The system has recently been installed and is in use for providing and picking laundry for hospitals, retirement homes, and care homes. It seems to be a perfect solution to automatically store flat textiles. At the same time the system is stated to ensure improved hygiene, as the piles of laundry have fewer points of contact. In that respect, hygiene is the second essential factor when creating the German laundry of the future.